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If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what one of the best golf chippers is then we’d recommend the Intech Golf EZ Roll Chipper.

The best golf chippers are not price-specific. What makes one the best is how it feels in your hand and how it improves your game. The right chipper for you comes with the right balance of length, head weight, and design. Before you buy any type of chipper for your golf bag, know what you are looking for.

Here are the five golf chippers we’ll be reviewing

Below are some of the best golf chippers, along with the pros and cons of these products.

Intech Golf EZ Roll Chipper

The Intech Golf EZ Roll Chipper can help give you better performance than your old club. Manufactured with a back-weighted design, the Intech Golf Chipper can give your golf ball the extra bump it needs to save strokes around the course. The golf chipper does more than just save strokes for you though.

Made with a shank-proof design, the gooseneck hosel on the golf chipper helps align itself to your ball where it is on the green. A line on top of the club helps you perfectly line the club up for your next stroke. With the combination of weight and the advanced alignment top lines, you will find yourself hitting the ball to the green where it needs to be.

The design of the Intech Chipper is a non-glare satin finish that helps you keep your eye on the ball, without the club reflecting light into your face. The shape of the chipper also helps you hit the ball with precision because of the thirty-five degree angle loft and a maximum playing length of up to thirty-five inches.

Approved for use by the USGA, the chipper meets all the requirements for striking face and grip which conform to the demands set for woods and irons. Currently selling for the right-hand club through our link, the left-handed chipper is available to buy as well.


  • You can easily line your ball up with the top alignment lines.
  • The chipper comes for the right and left-handed golfer.
  • The design of the chipper includes a gooseneck hosel.


  • The head can start to wobble after multiple games.
  • The head may be too heavy for some golfers.


Square Strike Chipper

The Square Strike Chipper comes with a square design that helps provide you with an extra-large sola and beveled edge to ensure you hit the ball, not the ground. The design of the wedge helps make it feel heavy in your hand that leaves you with a solid feeling of confidence in your game. The wedge is a unique combination of thin with heavy as it ensures there is less rotation as you play.

The added weight of the wedge helps make it easier to swing with a maximum length of thirty-five and a half inches with a sixty-eight-degree angle. The anti-rotational weight also helps make the wedge easy to swing with a good balance and accurate follow-through. The chipping wedge is perfect for use on runs and bumps.

The wedge is perfect for chipping with a shorter length than regular wedges, which makes you feel more in control. The head is also heavier than regular chippers with three hundred thirty grams of weight to help your swing glide over the golf greens.

The unique design and weight of the wedge meet all guidelines for tournament playing. You will not take ugly shots using the Square Strike Wedge as the edge comes with shallow grooves in the head that help reduce friction when you make contact with the ball. This prevents grass or other materials from sticking to your ball.


  • You can play in a tournament with this wedge as it meets legal play rules.
  • The design of the head includes shallow grooves that help to reduce friction.
  • The weight of the head helps to prevent rotation as you play.


  • The heavier weight makes it harder to control for some golfers.
  • The angle may be too extreme for some golfers.


MAZEL Golf Chipper

The MAZEL Golf Chipper comes with a thirty-seven-degree angle that allows for very good lift to your ball for long shots, but not too extreme for your shorter shots. The face rotation offers the player a perfect balance of lift and direction. The club can help make your short game have the perfect shots.

The design of the club helps you to eliminate chip shots, both thin and fat. It allows you to control the fringe of the green completely. The design includes a wide sole and good weight to help make your impact with the ball absolute. This detail gives you complete control over your game. Made of solid steel, the club will not wear or take damage from use on the golf course.

The chipper comes with a solid head marked with a red slash to help you direct your swing to the center of the ball. The chipper plays like a putter with the degree of touch and control of a wedge. The club meets the USGA’s requirements for a tournament club so that you can take it with you to your next outing.


  • The head of the chipper comes with a mark to ensure you know exactly where to hit.
  • The chipper meets USGA requirements to be a tournament club.
  • The chipper comes with a wide sole to help direct the ball.


  • The chipper works better for some golfers on the green, not off.
  • The chipper works better for putter shots.


Intech Golf Approach Two-Way Chipper

The Intech Golf Approach Two-Way Chipper can help you to save swings around the green. The design of the club helps it meet the needs of the right-handed and left-handed golfers. The chipper is the length of a putter with a seven-iron loft. The club is a good weight for most hands with a unique two-way design that helps you make difficult shots without changing your stance.

The chipper can help you learn and practice as you improve your game. Designed as a learning tool, the Intech chipper does not have approval for tournament use but does help the less experienced golfers get a feel for how the ball needs to move. You could play the two-way chipper like a low-lofted wedge with more control and reliability.

The head design is the same on both sides of the face with the same slope. The head is chrome plated cast steel to help it be long-lasting and durable.


  • The head of the club has the same angle on both sides.
  • Left-handed and right-handed players can use the club.
  • The chipper has the length of a putter with the loft of a regular seven-iron.


  • The club may be too heavy for some golfers.
  • The golf club is not tournament approved.


Wilson Harmonized Golf Chipper

The Wilson Harmonized Golf Chipper is a Wilson club with balanced lines and a weighted head. The shape of the head helps make aligning with the ball smooth for accurate swings and hits. The face has no insert to slide around or fall out, and an angle of thirty-two degrees ensures the right amount of lift to your ball.

The chipper consists of hardy steel thirty-five inches in length, with the perfect round grip to ensure control and an easy scoop. The grip is slightly thicker than the average grip to help your hand feel comfortable while using it. The design helps the chipper be a hybrid putter-wedge, which is perfect for beginners through intermediate players.

The right-handed club is a perfect addition to any golf bag as an additional wedge. The thirty-two-degree angle helps lift the ball up at most ten yards down the green. The design of the golf club is unique, but it still conforms to the USGA regulations for tournament players.


  • The club meets the USGA regulations for clubs.
  • The grip of the club is slightly thicker than regular clubs to make it more comfortable.
  • Designed as a harmonized club; it is a hybrid of a putter and wedge.


  • The head of the club could have more weight for some players.
  • The design of the chipper could allow for greater distance when hitting the ball.


Our Choice

When it comes to improving your golf game, the right chipper golf club is the one that feels natural as you use it. The correct balance of weight, length of the shaft, and design can greatly improve your game.

Of all the best golf chippers above, our choice for the weight, length, and quality is the Intech Golf EZ Roll Chipper. This club meets USGA requirements for tournaments, and the grip is thicker than many types of clubs, so it should be more comfortable to use. The design of the club lets it be a wedge as well as a putter at once.

What are the main features of the best golf chippers?

Right, Left-handed or two-way

The first thing you need to consider is simple. You have to know what kind of club you need. Right, and left-handed clubs are available for many designs of golf clubs. Make sure the clubs you are looking at fits your style. A two-way club is a good choice for anyone new to golf or a different type of game balance.

Wedge design or Chipper?

A club with a wedge can send your ball aloft at a forty-six to sixty-four-degree angle. Your ball will travel on average one hundred yards from your starting point. They are ideal for large jumps from the edge of the green, though you may not need them depending on where your ball flies.

A chipper, on the other hand, will give your ball the lift, but not necessarily the distance. They are good for giving your ball a boost for a shorter distance across the green to the hole. While not necessary for all types of players, they can reduce the number of strokes you need to get your ball into the hole at a shorter distance.

Loft Angle

When you go looking for the right golf chipper for your bag, you need to consider the loft degree. Most types of loft clubs come with a thirty-five-degree angle, though it is not uncommon to see a thirty-seven-degree range. The range is like a seven or eight iron, designed to give you a loft of height more than distance.

The shorter distance, combined with the loft range, can help the ball land on the putting green for the final shots.

Length of the Shaft

The golf chipper you buy should have a similar length to that of your putter. The shorter length can help it feel more comfortable to your hand and make it easier to do its job. The average length of most chippers is around thirty-five inches.


The final thing you need to consider is the price of the chipper golf clubs. There are cheaper putters you can buy that may come with flaws that can ruin your game. But, there are also expensive chippers on the market that you may never use again if it does not feel good in your hand.

The best golf chippers are the ones that fit your hand and your style. You should not select the golf chipper based on the final price.

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